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Courses in English

You will find on this page all the lectures taught in English
at INSA Lyon, for any study level.

- SCAN (1st cycle)
Exchange Students
- Information Science & Technology Semester (IST)
- International Master
- Nanoscale Master
- China Program

The Science and English section of the INSA Lyon First Cycle

The SCAN section covers the two years of the bachelor degree (First Cycle). 80% of courses are taught in English and 20% in French.

More information: SCAN Lyon


Exchange Students

Courses in english availaible for Exchange Students, under and postgraduate level

See the list by clicking here: 2013-2014-INSA-Cours-en-anglais.pdf

Information Science & Technology Semester (IST)

Information Science and Technology (IST) are present in our every day life. It concerns a large field of knowledge and know-how: multimedia processing, communication through voice, sound and images, huge data base access, distributed services and uses, network for information transmission, internet, web services, wireless mobile telecommunications, broadcasting information - radio and TV...

The "Information Science & Technology Semester" is a program jointly organized by three engineering departments of INSA Lyon (Telecommunication Department (TC), Computer Sciences and Engineering Department (IF), Electrical Engineering Department (GE). This program mainly targets foreign students in their last
year of Bachelor

A full IST semester program is composed of six scientific courses (to be chosen among 12) associated to a research attachment within a research laboratorie, and French course.
Each week of the IST semester program is structured with 2 days of courses and 3 days in research labs.
All the scientific courses of this semester are given in English.
"The IST semester runs on 16 weeks from mid-september to the end of January (1st semester).

International Master

INSA Lyon also proposes an international master's offer with lectures in english.
- Master embedded systems and medical image engineering
- Information Systems

Nanoscale Master

Nanoscale engineering constitutes the field of convergence of physics, life sciences and chemistry, offering opportunities to address new challenges in the fields of healthcare, sustainable development, energy…

The Nanoscale Engineering program is dedicated to a multidisciplinary and international approach and it is suited equally well for students planning an academic or an industrial career. The two-year curriculum provides both the theoretical basis and the practical expertise in all fields related to the fabrication, the characterization and the design of nanoscale structures and systems.

The Master in Nanoscale Engineering is multi-institutions and international (50 % foreign students, the courses are taught in English).

More information and list of courses available at: - Contact :

"China Program"

- lectures located in china, in Jiao Tong University de Shanghai
- 30 ECTS
- 2nd semester (lectures and project from february to september),
- All in English
- Linked with the following departments: IF-TC-GE
- Very limited access, specific selection procedure



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